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Former U.S. Navy Veteran Sebastian Hernandez, International Coach, Author, and Global Entrepreneur, empowers individuals worldwide to inspire, innovate, and ignite a passionate life worth living.

Sebastian mentors and supports clients from all walks of life to align to their best self to identify with clarity the areas that matter most to them, promoting self-discovery that drives specific actions that break through their limiting beliefs. They design, create and live a fulfilled lifestyle on their terms.

Sebastian's commitment to bringing out the best in you while holding safe space is what makes Sebastian a dynamic speaker, mentor, and friend.

Sebastian Hernandez

Self Mastery executive Coach 

And then I realized that ADVENTURES are the BEST way to LEARN #rebornhippie #happy #letgo #livelife
There is power in burning away your fears, doubts, and attachments. Releasing negative energy that g
Ironically, the most over powering yet liberating experiences I've ever gained came from those occas
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Mid-November 2014, when I first got an overwhelming experience of doing what I love, and it felt aligned and true to my purpose. 

I was sitting in front of an associate, helping her discover her "why" as part of our protocol for all new agents. As we navigated through all the different inquiries and answers, it clicked; I really loved helping driven go-getters get clear on what they want and, more importantly, becoming part of the growth process in becoming their best self aligned with what fulfills them!

I remember that moment very clearly; I felt an immense pressure come over me. I felt a tingly sensation all over my body as if it was a sign that I was on the right track, just not the right platform!

I became very emotional as I realized the importance of this moment and the LEAP it would require for me to shift my career.

Now let me backpedal a little bit.

A year prior, I worked at a financial firm that I enjoyed but did not love. It had become a mundane experience, and while on the outside I looked happy and cheerful, on the inside, I was dying.

I had a beautiful girlfriend that everyone believed we would be married soon, have kids, and become this idolized power couple. Nonetheless, an amazing woman, however, we just weren't meant for each other, and we both knew that. Lucky to say I still consider her one of my best friends.

As I look at my past now, I lived a pretty ordinary life, a life most people would approve of. It definitely made my mom proud, and that was important.

But the reality of it all was that I was sick and tired of living my life. It was average, stressful, filled with anxiety and deadlines: bills to pay, status to upkeep, trends to keep up with. I was focused on keeping up with the standards my outside influence had placed on me, and the weight of it all began to feel overwhelming, a bit fake and unauthentic. Life was getting complicated.

So I decided I was over it!


I began to apply and implement all the great teachings I had invested in and the hours I had spent learning them. One thing was critical, though; I needed to take the "LEAP." No matter how much I invested in my growth and no matter how much I learned, if I didn't take the Leap, followed by focused action, nothing would ever happen. 

In January 2015, a new "me" was born. I began to consider the idea that I could create my own lifestyle based on my terms. At that moment, I created myself as a free spirit entrepreneur in conquest to transform the world by being the change I wanted to see in the world and empowering global leaders to follow their destiny. At the time, I knew nothing about what that journey would entail, but I was certain that was my calling, and I was going to figure it out.

I left my financial firm, moved in with one of my best friends, and started taking bold actions. 

With the help of some amazing friends, we started Ignite: The Spark Required To Transform The World, an idea that later turned into the foundation of my life. 

A community built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs working together for the well-being of the community instead of self.

The momentum we were creating was incredible with this new attitude towards life. I made some amazing friends and created well over 15 different partnerships in less than 5 months.

We launched Community projects every weekend and participated in the development of young high school entrepreneurs. 

I personally went on a health journey shifting the way I related to food that got me from weighing 242 pounds in January to 208 pounds in April. The power of shifting my context.


I gave away all of my belongings; I didn't sell them. I just gave it all away and asked for nothing in return, including my car.

Early in May 2015, I left San Diego with $125 in my pocket to Colombia and a feeling that exhilarated my whole being, the thought of a real adventure, no plan, and 100% intuition. 

Shortly after arriving in Colombia, I started teaching English and mental toughness to a high school in a small village nearby. My path continued to guide me through different experiences and valuable life lessons, with no idea of what exactly was going to happen or how. I just knew that I had to keep moving forward and that eventually, I would be clear on what my next action would be. I had faith that destiny would take me to my next destination, and my intuition would ensure I get there.

 And it did…


One evening during a family gathering, my cousin introduced me to a powerful woman dealing with life and its circumstances. Little did I know that evening would turn out into me meeting the woman who would give me the opportunity I was waiting for, a confirmation that I was on the right path. 

I got to experience a glimpse of what my dream life could be!

I was blessed with the opportunity to live on a beautiful farm in Colombia, where I got to wake up to the sound of the most amazing exotic birds you can imagine. Eat some amazing food from an extraordinary chef. Coach and empower an incredible woman to confront her life powerfully and shift her context from victim to warrior.

Created a context for her youngest daughter to explore her unique talents and begin the inquiry of how she could manifest that for the world. Embracing her creative yet rebellious nature.

AND all this happened in 5 months!


Until that point, I knew exactly what it was like to work hard and not see the results I knew I was destined to accomplish. I knew what it was like to feel stuck and at times hopeless. The idea of not being good enough or waiting for that moment when life would alter. 

The critical piece that was missing was my willingness to gather all the courage to take that LEAP into the unknown guided by that strong gut feeling.

This experience was a confirmation that I was on the right path. However, there was still lots for me to discover about myself. 

For the rest of 2015, my inner child soared and played. It created and made progress learning from others what I had for so long disconnected from. I felt free from people's opinions and expectations. Up until that point, things were all joy, happiness, and ease. 

However, anyone that has been initiated in their spiritual journey can tell you that it's just a matter of time before you have to confront your shadow realm. Unfortunately for me, I did not know that was part of the requirement to an evolving self, learning to embrace, accept, and transcend our dark side.

2016 begins, and I am still flying high from the freedom I had just experienced for 8 months in Colombia. I came with that same energy to San Diego, and things began to manifest quickly. I started a dance company, got in a relationship, I was doing what I loved with coaching, and had just got paid for my biggest client. Things were so good; there was a point where I actually thought I had reached heaven. 

... and then I got a clear message in my mind by what Napolean Hill mentions the "other" self. a forthright voice that said, "Sebastian, you now know what this feels like and aware of what you are capable of doing, however, to help the people that you want to help you need to be able to relate to them in their hell. You will be sent to hell, a mental space where many don't ever make it back up, and you will help lead by example your way back up. Get ready; it starts soon."

To be honest, I thought I was ready. I told my girlfriend at the time what the message was and that my life was going to get flipped to help those that need the most help. She nodded, and with that nod, I was ready for what was coming.

By mid-2016, everything began to crumble. The smoke and mirrors became evident, the lies, the betrayals, and all the possible negative attributes that I related to demons began to show up in all parts of my life. As my "other" self had mentioned, I would be going to the deep end of hell, and mentally I was there. 

Disoriented with no purpose to live, lost all hope in humanity, lost hope that I could do anything to change it, felt empty, with no reason to live. Nothing made sense, no emotions, no attachments, just simply breathing to breathe. That was my rock bottom, all the way up until the point where I got to the edge of that bridge, looked down and thought of the jump, then looked to the side and saw my guarding angel "BamBam," my dog looking right at me. I remember thinking to myself that even jumping wasn't worth it. So I walked to the beach and fell asleep on the sand as a part of me died that late evening and I woke up in limbo, not fully crossed over to the other side. 

On that day, I decided to come back from limbo. As my "other" self had warned me, I had to go through that. My job on this plane was not over yet. I was no longer afraid to die; the fact I was still alive was a miracle in itself. Every day after that has been a gift, a second chance.

Little by little, I had to gain my mental toughness back. Build up my positive attitude, connecting with my innocent inner child. It was having to do all the work I was coaching people to do. I had to do the work, learn to utilize the tools, and learn to create distinctions that allowed me to shift my context. 

Often I thought I was going crazy. I got really good at shifting my context. I started to lose my grounding in what was real and what was an interpretation. This, of course, had me on this roller coaster of times of extreme clarity and highs with all of a sudden strong jolt downwards with no clear warning. 

It wasn't the intensity of the roller coaster that had me feeling crazy; it was the fact I had no idea I was riding a freaking roller coaster! I love roller coasters! If no context is provided for this thing called "life," it can be overwhelming and uncertain. 

Having understood the intensity of all of these experiences, I continued to learn patterns, learn from the teachers' life would present to me, identify tools and distinguish distinctions that continued to empower me and provide me with the clarity to get back in alignment. 

Since then, I have gradually been designing my life on my terms traveling between Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Florida, Haiti, and California, building lasting relationships and partnerships to thrive on a global scale. 

What started as leading a group of friends through mission trails (a San Diego local park) on the weekends to help them unleash their inner child turned into taking groups of healers to adventure into different countries to work with various entheogen medicines. 

In 2018, we started a non-profit organization out of Colombia, CleanPlanet, empowering community leaders to take pride in their community. I get the privilege to empower leaders like Jose Luis Torres, provide hope to his community in Iquitos, Peru and work on leadership skills with Andy Bayon and his incredible girlfriend, making an impact in various countries. 

Year after year, I continue putting all my tools together and flooding my clients with massive value, so they get lasting results. I went back to the art of mentorship and sought counsel from a mentor, and started putting in the work of designing, creating, learning, and continuing to apply it into my own life. 

I've designed my coaching practice to coach small groups of participants a week, helping them strategize their week, identify their highest leverage actions, build success rituals, hold them accountable and together overcome the limiting beliefs getting in the way of them designing, creating, and living their best life. 

It fills my heart with joy and love when I hear stories of my clients defeating their suicidal thoughts and finally getting off the medication that had only numbed them from actually doing the work required to heal and overcome their past. 

I continue to travel the world, promote my recent book "It takes a Leap," learn from various healers and shamans, building solid partnerships to add to our Super Tribe, empowering community leaders in different parts of the world, and encouraging those ready to take the leap to START!

Sometimes, that LEAP is the difference between living an ordinary life and living an extraordinary Designed life.

Have you considered taking the LEAP?

If you are committed to shifting your current circumstance

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