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From Stuck and Stagnant to Being in Action and Thriving

Simple Process


4 Step Simple


To Live a Balanced & Fulfilling Life


The 4 step simple process to live a balanced & Fulfilled life

Are you currently building the life you wished you were living? 

Are you growing daily and measuring your progress? 


Are you in alignment with obtaining your deepest desires?


Have you established clear goals and objectives for your life 


Are you clear on your next 90 Day objectives?


Do you currently have an accountability system in your life?

If the answer is “no” to any of these, then listen up...

LEAP is a 3-month program designed and created with the intention to assist you to organize your thoughts and structure your actions so you can create success rituals and have the means to track your progress and hold yourself accountable with the help of your Self-Mastery Coach.

30 Days
60 Days
90 Days

Organize your thoughts

> Often times we are not clear on why we do the things we do or where we want to go in life. This lack of clarity can leave us feeling lost, confused, and even anxious. Once we are able to organize our thoughts we are able to take more decisive actions. Becoming more assertive in your life is a byproduct of being clear on who you are and where you are going.


          Gain clarity on the things that matter most to you          

Structure your Actions

> Ever get overwhelmed with all the different actions you need to take in a day, week or for some, a month. Lack of structure can often lead us to experience burn out and create a lack of balance in our life, constantly thinking of all the different things that need to get done.


          Identify and schedule important actions          

Create Success Rituals

> Building up our discipline is a grand task for many of us and those that understand its importance are willing to do whatever it takes to strengthen "discipline" as a skill set. Building success rituals is a Hack* to strengthen disciplines in our life.

Copy of Untitled Design (4).png

          Grouped task with a set intention          

Track your Progress

> There is a feature in most car racing games where you can race against your “ghost” or prior versions of “you” racing. Being able to track your progress is your ability to continually strive to outperform your ghost.

Tracking Ghost

          Measure your performance          

Hold yourself Accountable

> Learning the art form of self-awareness and continuously looking within for growth is the path to wisdom. Learning to love your personal growth journey is your access to building a balanced and fulfilled life.


          Practice A Self-Mastery Skill Set          

Help from your Self-Mastery Coach

> Having someone provide us a safe space to do the inner work while asking questions that spark thinking outside of our normal parameters aids the support in growth and an appreciation for accountability.


          Coach Supporting your Progress          


Are you currently looking for that extra nudge?

Can SERIOUSLY benefit from aligning with your best self?


Ready to overcome what's in the way from you going after what you want?


Improving your discipline would skyrocket your results


Eliminating stress and anxiety from your life is a Priority?


Ready to achieve Hawkeye clarity?


Shift your disempowered state to high energy


Learn tools to realign when feeling low self-esteem

If the answer is “yes” to any of these, then keep reading...

2 Most Important Keys!

I’ve been there and after investing in different mentors, programs, books, and seminars I came to the conclusion that there are two key components that dictate your life.

Your thoughts and your actions


If you want to get out of the place you feel stuck in, you will need to change your thoughts and start changing your actions. 


This is a 3-Month program designed to assist you in organizing your thoughts and structuring your actions. You will learn how to create and implement your personal success rituals and have the means to track your progress and hold yourself accountable with the help of your Self-Mastery Coach


Being in action and more importantly seeing progress raises confidence, increases self-esteem and puts an extra spark when we walk.


The essence of “being up to something in life” is evident and the people around you can feel it. Your aura changes and you begin to magnetize and attract with more influence. 

By doing this work you will:

  • Design a lifestyle you Desire

  • Make time for your Passions

  • Structure and organize your life

  • Bring Balance and Fulfillment into your life

  • Gain Discipline

  • Strengthen your Willpower

What to Anticipate?

During the following 3 months, you will:​​

  • Identify & Describe your “Best Self”

  • Identify your High-Value Actions

  • Track Progress w/ Workbook and Dashboard for accountability

  • Keep all Recorded Strategy Sessions

  • Start the week with a Strategy Call to stay focused 

  • Implement the tools and processes to help you stay accountable

  • Check-in Daily w/ Coach on your progress

  • End of Week Debrief to measure performance

  • Safe space to communicate and be vulnerable when need to be

  • Experiencing yourself getting things done


If you are ready to take THE LEAP in walking your path to embodying your best self and designing a lifestyle you feel proud to live; schedule your Strategy call. 


I know it can feel a bit overwhelming and probably even uncomfortable and scary to hop on a call with someone that will hold you accountable for stepping into a bigger game than what you have been used to playing in your life.


Transformation happens on the other side of comfortability, how much longer will you let comfortable be the thing that stops you from living a life on your terms.


No Obligation, Risk-Free

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 13.36.56.png

Ivo Vinagre,

Financial Specialist

Understood that in life everything is created out of habits. Once you start a new habit on first day, the second day it becomes much easier and its just second nature going forward.

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 13.37.46.png

Calvin Tom,

Business Owner - Fin2Swim

It created/creates a new context of life and view of myself to live in to! Realizing how unspecific my goals were/are is incredibly powerful! 

Screen Shot 2019-11-12 at 13.36.09.png

Andres Mazabel,

Business Performance Advisor

Recognizing what I want, where I want to go. And just putting action behind that vision.

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