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A young man leaves college unsure of what to do next in his life, so he goes to his grandfather for guidance. His abuelo then shares a fable filled with metaphors that illustrate life lessons his grandson can apply for clarity in his life and what it means to embark on a journey to discover the three fundamental questions to life.


Who am I?

What is my Purpose?

What is my Value?


The Fable tells the story of a village boy named Manu who leaps into the unknown with the intent of discovering who he is. He encounters exciting characters that play a vital role in the boy's evolution and his journey to finding his voice and serving his purpose. The Fable is filled with life lessons that will leave the reader feeling inspired to take the LEAP in their own personal life and go after what they truly want regardless of the FEARS and DOUBTS that may arise.

It takes a Leap

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