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Why Being a Narcissist is frustrating

Imagine you are a caterpillar but every time you look in the mirror you see a beautiful butterfly. No matter how many times your family and friends say you are a caterpillar, you know that deep down you are this incredible butterfly.

Who can relate?

Some of us have done the work and know what is available and possible for us through Transformation.

Here's the thing that is frustrating about this, no matter how much you know deep down inside you are a butterfly, you haven't gone through the entire process to fully be that butterfly.

You haven't fully transformed yet to experience the perks of being that butterfly. You haven't earned your wings yet, literally.

Healthy Narcissism VS. Negative Narcissism

A healthy Narcissist comes from a place of self-love, self-respect, and understands the importance of setting boundaries out of enough self-awareness.

They are in-tune with who they are and what they will and will not tolerate in their life. Often confused with negative narcissism by those that have not fully embraced in the space of Self-Love.

Negative Narcissism sources from a place of duality, fear, pain, and self-doubt. This isn't the type of narcissistic behaviors I was referring to when describing the butterfly.

Both types of narcissism are caught up in seeing and believing something that often times only they can see.

Now imagine being the caterpillar, knowing that you will be that butterfly AND also knowing that there is a process to the TRANSFORMATION.

A dark and lonely journey that is part of the process to fully encompassing that Butterfly. Doing the work in this case is being in that cocoon doing the inner work.

The Key take away is Accepting the Process of Transformation.

As a caterpillar, no matter how much you embody attributes of that butterfly you will remain a caterpillar until the essential work is done to be the butterfly.

Know that you are a butterfly, but remember to do the work as a caterpillar and accept the process to transformation.

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