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From Sex Worker to Sex Healer: Erikaa Briones' Unconventional Journey

From episode: Interview w/ Erikaa Briones, From Sex worker to Sex healer

Eddie Cabriones is actually she is a guide for purpose driven, high achieving women, and specifically women that are on their hero's journey towards their sexual liberation and satisfaction. Yeah. I believe you offer this intuitive approach, which shares various different spiritual modalities that help women really become their best selves. Yeah. And through your work, you've been able to emphasize the importance of addressing the self hatred, the body shame, and when we start living in our heads, and really addressing that before even entering into some type of sacred union, or even just magnetizing our partner. So, like I said, I am honored to have you on the episode so that you can share some of your insights. Now, did I miss anything? No. No. Okay, perfect. Perfect. So, um, I'd like to start off by asking you to share a little bit about your origin story. Like, how did you start like, how did you get on this path of conscious sexuality? How did that unfold? Conscious sexuality started from the unconscious world of sex work. So I actually did write my origin story in 2021, I believe, and this is like a few months before Britney Spears came out with her story of her, her own hero's journey, and I was actually writing the first few blogs of my sacred prostitute Chronicles. So I was in the sex industry for a few months in 2012, thinking it's just going to be a few months ended up being until 2020. So like, a short of like, 10 years. And so that's been my my life experience. I have a PhD in life. And most of that is being a sex worker. And it's so interesting, because I'm like, I'm starting to work with a lot more sex educators. And I shared, I had imposter syndrome of being, I'm like, I'm not a sex educator, they're like, well, you work with, I don't know how many men, how many women since 2012? I'm like, I would say, like, in the 1000s, you know, and so that's the start of, you know, it was very unconscious, because it was just so driven by greed. And, you know, like the material world and just like needing to get to get by. And now it's like, no, I really want to go deeper into the psychology, understanding like, oh, you know, just like understanding what it is to be conscious. It's such a, it's such a buzzword that we use. But it's so much deeper than like, chakras and crystals. And feeling good. It's, it's so much, it's really looking at the ugly. And that this is what sex work taught me is like, looking at the good, bad and ugly.


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