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Recognizing Our Darkness and Still Choosing Light

From episode: The Power of Darkness and the Essence of God

all capable of doing very dark things, yes? Just as we're capable of doing very good things. And well, oftentimes, we don't like to admit that we can be nasty, that we can be dark. We'd rather pretend and wear masks and then head back to our safe space and allow our darkness to run the show. But why is that? Why do we do that? Well, consider because we're not aware of our own darkness and the impact of our darkness. Hence my journey to jungle and drinking ayahuasca for the first time six years ago. Well, ayahuasca showed me how dark I could be and how much damage I could cause and after recognizing how dark I could be, well, to be honest, I just choose to be light. But as mentioned, I didn't know the pain I was causing. I remember a specific ceremony where I gave ayahuasca a very specific command for her to show me every time I caused harm or damage to someone. Fuck, that was probably the most painful ceremony I have ever done. It marked me like forever. Like I got to witness myself, not just this lifetime, but past lifetimes and even future lifetimes. And if I didn't change my ways, how things would end up. I did horrible things and then to make things worse, I then had to feel all the pain I had caused others, even those closest to me. I felt the pain, I felt the anguish, the terror, and then the worst part of all was seeing me causing that pain onto myself, asking myself, why would I do such a thing? Then seeing where I still needed to heal. You see, I remember I cried all night pleading for forgiveness. That morning, I was reborn because I had witnessed sides of myself I had no idea were even possible. And I choose light. I choose God. Yet, I respect the devil and the darkness, for it provided me the space to learn and evolve into a brighter light. You see, in these chaotic times, it's so easy to get lost in the darkness. But it's also inspiring to see all the changes that are happening as well. And now, more than ever, more healing camps and healing centers are popping up. Off the grid villages are being constructed. These times are causing us to evolve and remember how to connect with the untangible. How to connect with Pachamama, Mother Earth, into it's nature's electric grid. Yes, how to learn to communicate with the plants and the animals through our vibration and healing. I think I shared this in the past episode where I was gifted the presence of this beautiful healing grandma and she was responsible for many exotic animals on her land. And I got to sit down with her and she shared with me how to communicate telepathically with the animals. And she brought up to my attention the saying that animals can smell your fear. Well, she was telling me that they can also smell your love. They can smell your hate. They can smell your joy. They can perceive you by the way you're being. Therefore, question for ya, what frequency are you currently vibing at? Do you walk around life loving life and loving everything in it? Do you recognize the magic and miracle it is to live? Do you walk around in life scared of all the chaos of the uncertainty? You see, your perspective will directly impact your state of being and consider that your state of being will impact the frequency you emit having things either magnetize to you or repel from you.


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