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Unlocking the Taboo: The Power of Processing and Expressing Your Emotions

From episode: Inner Child Work, Conscious Sexuality, and Radical Acceptance

a difficulty in expressing or processing emotions, especially when they can be considered a taboo, right? Like anger or when we have sexual urges or when we experience pleasure, right? These are all taboo experiences that often get suppressed due to the fear of being ostracized from the community or society, right? So it's unfortunate that so many of us feel the need to hide our true selves out of fear of judgment or rejection. And we're taught from a young age what's acceptable and what's not. And this can obviously lead to feelings of shame and guilt. And when we experience emotions or desires that fall outside of those norms, it's easy to have those emotions come up. But the truth is these emotions and desires are a natural part of being human. And it's important for us to be able to express them in a healthy and constructive way, right? So when we suppress our emotions, we're not only limiting ourselves, but we're also creating a barrier to deepen connections with others, right? So when we're unable to express ourselves authentically, well, we're not really able to fully connect with others on a meaningful level. And it's only when we're able to be vulnerable and open with others that we can create truly deep and meaningful relationships. So it's important. It's important for us to find ways to express ourselves that feel safe and authentic, right? And this might mean seeking out a supportive community or working with a therapist or working with a coach, right? Who can help us explore and process our emotions in a healthy and constructive way, right? It might also mean learning new skills or techniques for expressing ourselves, such as journaling, such as art, meditating, right? Now, ultimately, the key is to recognize that our emotions and desires are a natural part of who we are, and that's important for us to be able to express them in a way that feels authentic and true to ourselves. Now, by doing so, we can create this deeper connection with others and live more fulfilling and meaningful lives. Now, I don't know if you can recall in a previous episode, I talked about the mankind project, how it's a men's retreat and how I went there and how it was the first time I had witnessed a man process anger. Yes, now anger, it's a powerful emotion. Yes, that often causes a lot of damage. Yet in that arena, in that scenario, in that retreat, I got to see, I got to witness how this man demonstrated anger, yet he managed to channel that energy and remain calm and grounded. Yes, now this experience left a significant impact on me, really, to be honest with you, because it showed me what was possible. It showed me a new way of processing an emotion that had caused so much damage in my past, both physically and mentally. Now, here's the thing, unconsciously, this experience gave me an even bigger gift, and that was the capacity to see what it looks like to hold space for someone processing their anger and processing other strong emotions. You see, as a self -mastery coach and experienced facilitator, I find it easier to hold space for my clients and the participants in the tribe, right? When I'm in the mindset of a facilitator or a container holder, that's my role. And in these roles, like I'm able to maintain a clear head space and provide a safe environment for my clients and the tribe to really express themselves without feeling judged or triggered. However, unlike my role as a facilitator or container holder, I'm more susceptible to being triggered by those in my inner circle, yes? Now this is because I'm not in the same head space of being a neutral observer, right? And instead, I'm more emotionally invested in these relationships. As a result, my vulnerabilities and my personal information are more exposed and making it easier for any breach of trust to impact me on a deeper level. And that's why I tend to be selective about who I allow into my inner circle and to take any breach of trust seriously,


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