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Foundation Program

Unlock Your Path to Self-Mastery

Create a Life on your Terms with Our interactive 3-Month Journey


Lead Coach

Embark on a transformative journey designed to elevate your life to unprecedented levels of clarity, purpose, and fulfillment. The Foundation Program is not just a course; it's a comprehensive pathway to rediscovering yourself, mastering your emotions, and unlocking the potential that resides within you.


Why Foundation Program?

Weekly Tribe Calls:

Connect, share, and grow with peers who share your ambition every

Monday at 6pm EST.

One-on-One Coaching:

Receive personalized guidance to deepen your understanding and application of the program's teachings.

Dynamic Content:

Engage with a mix of live sessions, interactive assignments, and reflective practices designed for real-life integration.

Community Support:

Join our tribe on WhatsApp and the Ignite | Self-Mastery APP to share your journey and gain insights from fellow participants.

Your Journey Includes:

Foundation Building:

Establish a solid base with tools and practices that ground your growth.

Life Design:

Create a roadmap to your dream life with actionable steps and strategies.


Uncover your true desires, potential, and the blocks that hold you back.

Ongoing Support:

Benefit from continuous community support, expert advice, and accountability partners.

Habit Transformation

Replace old patterns with powerful new habits that align with your highest self.

Action Management

Use tools that are specifically designed for project and task management to aid in your personal growth.

Success Stories

-Cherry Resurreccion

This program is LIFE CHANGING!


I initially signed up in 2020 and completed 90 days. I found myself more grounded and centered. I accomplished almost everything that I had written as goals shortly after. Fast forward to this year, I lost my two-month-old son after a painful NICU journey and a complicated pregnancy in March.


This was the most devastating thing I have experienced by far. Weeks later, I was given a sign to retake this program. Though my journey of grief has not been easy, as anyone would expect, the program, the tribe, and, of course, Sebastian have provided so much support.


I am currently in the 4th quarter of the program and have experienced unbelievable changes. It’s almost magical.


Since I started the program this year, I have managed my routines better, have much more confidence in myself even after losing it, love myself more, launch a podcast, and work on my relationships with my loved ones healthily.


Now, I am building a foundation for my new business- these are things I thought would be unattainable. Returning to this program has helped me navigate my inner thoughts and be more aligned with my highest self.


Yair Amsel

It was an honor and privilege it was to work with Sebastian in his Foundation Program.

Before I started the program I was in a dark place with a business that I was not feeling was the right direction for me.

During the program I started to learn and discover what is important to me in life, my values and where I was out of alignment. With Sebastian’s help and guidance I was able to close my previous business and transition to a business that was more aligned with my true desires, passions and values.

Now that I have completed the program there are more tools in my tool belt to deal with the challenges I face and a better understanding of myself, my values and direction. Thank you Sebastian!


Jason Bern

One of Sebastian's biggest pieces of long-term value has been to catch me on a downward spiral right as it was beginning before it could take up so much momentum that it'd overpower me.

By putting a mirror up in front of my face about it and asking simple but straight-shooter questions such as "Is this what you really want?" he has helped me summon the self-awareness, clarity, and will to overcome numerous bad habits.


Above all, I'd say his superpower is facilitating psychedelic journeys and Kambo, some of the absolute most transformative experiences I've ever had because of the way he intensifies the journey while not going way overboard, i.e., with the dosing and personalizing it to my intentions.


Since I started workin with Sebastian my life has become more complete.


My dreams, goals, and how I react to things have changed. Sebastian has a way of helping you find the WHY that makes you tick. He has an amazing light for healing and brings to every situation we deal with in life from old patterns/habits.


The course is worth its weight in gold!

Name, Title


Time Commitment: Designed for busy lifestyles, our program requires a few hours per week, with flexible learning options to fit your schedule.

Financial Investment: Explore our payment plans and find an option that aligns with your financial situation. We believe in making self-mastery accessible to all.


Ready to Take the Leap?

The Foundation Program awaits you if you're ready to commit to your growth and transform your life. With new enrollment starting the first Monday of every month, your journey to self-mastery is just a step away.


Step 1: Visit our application page [Link to Application].

Step 2: Fill out the application form to help us understand your current state

Step 3: Schedule your introductory call to discuss how the Foundation Program can serve your aspirations.

Take Action on Your Dream Life Today

Don’t let another day pass wishing for change. Join us and start creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. Apply now to secure your spot in our next session and begin the journey to a more fulfilled, balanced, and empowered you.

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