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Remember who you are


The Foundation of Ignite Coaching relies on answering three fundamental questions, which through personal experience and the experiences of many of my clients are the keys to your gifts being unlocked.

For 3 months, you and I go to work on uncovering the limiting beliefs that are affecting you from honoring and stepping into your True Calling.

We will focus on getting you realigned with whom you are born to be rather than whom you were told to be. You will be Ignited; awakened to a possibility that is greater than yourself, that fulfills on something bigger than you, yet you are at the source of its creation. 

In order to do this, we must do the work in identifying your core values. Acknowledge, accept, and align into your designed character and authentically carry out your soul's desires and natural means of self-expression. 

A new confidence will emerge after seeing personal breakthroughs caused by courageous action. This will give you the fire to continue to push through all of the things that no longer serve you.


This is deep work and can get intense due to the level of depth we are navigating through. This type of coaching does not resonate with everyone. I only seek to help those that are serious about making the impact in the world they know deep inside they were destined to create. I will serve as a mirror giving your soul an opportunity to heal and realign with your Source. 





Who you are

When you fully wake up to the reality of who you are, something happens. It's a magical moment that you cannot put into words. You are reborn and unstoppable. FEAR becomes irrelevant and has no power over you. There is NOTHING or NO ONE that can get in the way of you and what you want.

What is your Purpose

Having a sense of direction, a reason to exist, something to die for. This gives you the motive every day to wake up and give it EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT, not because you have to, but because you WANT TO. A desire to fulfill your purpose becomes your obsession. 

What are you Worth

We walk around this world accepting payments from people left and right; whether it’s your employer, your clients, the public with tips, or any exchange of your value for money. What if you were getting the short end of the stick? Would you be able to recognize it? Earning what you are worth does not necessarily mean working harder, but rather effectively exchanging your innate and unique gifts.


A World of Fascination

Our inner child is the aspect of our consciousness that is naturally innocent, playful, uncomplicated, and whose approach to life is simple and straightforward. It is also a part of you that has an easy sense of connectedness to spirit, where spirit and you are not separate from each other, but an integrated whole. Connect with your inner voice and discover the meaning of discovering your inner child.


You are only limited by your Imagination

We walk around carrying so much baggage from our past and often times do not even know we are holding on to it. These anchors create our limiting beliefs that in one way or another we set for ourself as a tool to protect us from being hurt. This program will help you identify the stories that have been running your life and give you freedom from the limitations you have placed on yourself. This opens you up to experience a new paradigm where new possibilities are now available to you. Consider it an empty canvas for you to create anything once again. 


Connecting the Dots



Living the Experience

Our All-Inclusive Retreats are structured in accordance with the curriculum of our 3 Month Program. 

You can choose between having a retreat a month that anchors in the development or have one at the end of the program to connect all the dots in one powerful retreat. 



Disconnecting to Connect

The power in traveling is the ability to be in a new space, new culture, new people, new CONTEXT. This allows for something magical to happen with the right intention. That is, feel safe to self-express and be real with no expectation of what you are supposed to be. Allow yourself to take off all your mask and step fully into the SELF you've established throughout the curriculum. Let's Play!


Permanent Change

In our retreats, we will be creating powerful anchors that will lock in your created ways of being and acting that gives you access to power at your will. These are the anchors that define the foundation for your following (9) Months after the Program and ensure you encapsulate the essence of your Quantum Leap. 

program includes 

Weekly Action Plan

-The curriculum has you take specific actions that will get your mind into creation mode.

Scheduled Weekly Calls

-We have one mandatory call a week and we create a call flow that best works for your active style. 

E-Mail & Text Support

-Sometimes I will ask you to email me, other times I will send you messages through WhatsApp. You have Direct access to me

1 Year Quantum Leap Commitment

- Starting on Day 1 of our Session we create a deep anchor that will have you leap a year from that day. I stand behind that leap fully 

Access to Private Group Page

-You will immediately gain access to a Private Inner Circle MasterMind I lead with a powerful tribe that is standing for your greatness.

Experience Full Curriculum

-Each month is designed to provide a specific result building on one another to have the grand finale at our Closing Ceremony in our 3-Day Retreat

3-Day Retreat (Passport Needed*)

- Choose between one (1) retreat a month anchoring each month what is created or choose one (1) at the end of the program anchoring the whole program.


Put Your Life Into Focus


* Weekly Action Plan

* Workbook to Follow along

* Scheduled Weekly Calls
* Email Support
* Text Support
* Access to Private Group Page

* Experience Full Curriculum 

* 3 Day Retreat (Need Passport*)

* % of Tuition Donated to Non-Profit

* 1yr Committed Quantum Leap

3 Month Program

Financial Break-Down.PDF


Do you know your Gift and Ready to Share it?

Are you ready to answer your calling? Are you sick and tired of not creating and designing a life on your terms? Are you ready to begin to create your freedom? If you said yes to all of them, then this is the program for you.


Spend a total of (4) Sessions with Influential Self-Mastery Maestro, Sebastian Hernandez, twice a month for (3) Months. He is committed to you having clarity around the three fundamental questions to your life and stands alongside your created highest self to ensure you step fully into your centered BEing. 


Results vary based on the level of participation and commitment to your personal journey. Book a Complimentary call to identify if we are in alignment.

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