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This is a powerful tool and exercise I use with all of my clients at the beginning of our Month long program. This is the foundation of my work and the beginning steps on embarking on the journey to Self Mastery and Honoring our Highest version of ourselves. 


The more you repeat this audio the more it will have you dig deeper within yourself and gain clarity into the power you possess within.


Disclaimer: In order to reach your full potential and create the life that you want for yourself it's important to imagine how it is going to be. Remove limitations and mental constraints on yourself and be creative. Imagine each part of your life and how it is going to be. Give yourself permission to Dream and Imagine. 


This acts as a starting point of our work together.



Encountering Highest Self

SKU: 3113
  • Format: .WAV

    Duration: 12 Minutes and 9 Seconds

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