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Hell to Heaven


18 For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.

The path of a light warrior, an individual who selflessly aids in bringing light into the darkness. Darkness of self and with experience, darkness of others.


That path through our own hell molds us, destroys us, and has us experience a rebirth from the ashes of our death. A right of passage in which you transition from thinking you know life to absolutely knowing you know nothing.

A humbling process also known as "Ego Death"

I have personally experienced my ego death multiple times under the influence of different medicines and potent shamans, healers, and my spiritual army.

I speak from my own experience when I say, everything is "Perfect." The design is perfect and the universal laws that govern our system hand us the key to sit in the driver seat and choose what we want to attract.

The pendulum in which you vibrate dictates the low's and high's in which you navigate through the spaces you attract into your most precious gift, the present.


It is only in the "present" in which you can do something about anything. That split second that takes your from one frame into the next frame like a movie reel.

Every present moment is a frame in your life's Movie reel. The moments in which you observe your actions is in which you become present of the frame being passed through the lens.


In my experience I had reached heaven, I had reached an internal space in which life was perfect. Not because of the current circumstances but rather because all the pieces had fallen into place. It was just a matter of time before everything was perfect and that provided me enormous peace of mind.

However, I got insight from my spirit guides that things were going to change drastically. As above, so Below...

I had experienced reaching above, I was now going to be sent below. To deepen my roots to the depths of hell, for I would grow from there and rise up to heaven again having gotten the knowledge of what it takes to grow seeds in hell.

A consistent flower can break through a rock.


The path of the light warrior is the individual called on to dismantle any darkness their soul generates and be a light, a model, an example for others to heal and transform.

This may not seem attractive to many, other teachers would argue that all of this is not necessary and its not.

Yet, something within me continues to pull me into a perspective of reality that embodies heaven on earth. That reality is possible to achieve in my life time, that is my reality and my access to that comes from doing the work. The work of facing my fears, my doubts, everything. On my journey I have paid the price and it has humbled me in many ways.

If my tree of life is grounded from the floors of hell, my branches will have the foundation to provide life up to the skies of heaven. A well grounded tree of light.


Does doing the inner work call your attention?

Then consider that your time to expand on it has come.

If you stopped on this website and have read up to this point then consider it an opportunity to learn about the 5 principles that can:

1) Expand on what you already know

2) Give you foundational tools for the journey of a Light Warrior

Watch the 5 principles to a strong spiritual foundation to learn how these 5 principles if applied and mastered will unlock your super powers as a light warrior.



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