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Oliver Glozik Reflects on the Transformative Benefits of Ayahuasca

From episode: A Journey of Purpose, Wisdom, and Ayahuasca with Oliver Glozik

you decide to keep moving forward with ayahuasca? Where did you see the benefits of ayahuasca and how do you see it can help other people? Well, I think that's a very interesting point. My first ceremony was beautiful, even though I needed four cups to connect with ayahuasca. I think that also was more of a sign of how disconnected I used to be with myself, of how much I used to be up in my head. But then I had an experience where I had unconditional love flowing through my whole body. It was for me a transcendental experience where I was like, wow, I can't remember the last time I felt this way. But the second ceremony was very difficult for me. And it's interesting because for me, it was like, okay, hold on a second. There's this part of me that I wasn't aware of, this part of me which is very much in this order. And I was like, okay, I need to figure this out. Whereas recently we had a private ceremony and there was somebody who had a very strong process. And after a ceremony, it was like, for me the next two years, no ayahuasca. And I was like, I respect that and everybody on their journey, but it is a bit hard for me to understand that if you start to encounter those aspects of yourself, even if they feel uncomfortable, even if you are afraid to take a deeper look at that, that you're just like, oh, well, in two years I'm going to start to check back in on myself again. And I was like, okay, but no, tell me more about this. There's obviously something that is a message for me in my day -to -day life. And I mean, one of the things which was beautiful after about four months after my first ceremony, my mom, I'd also didn't tell my parents when I started drinking ayahuasca because I didn't want them to think like, what's wrong with Oliver? Why does he feel like he needs to take some drug from the jungle to become better? I didn't want them to be worried. And we can also go later into, it's not being a drug, but a medicine. But after about four months, I was sending a picture to my mom and she was like, wow, your eyes are really light. Your smile is a lot bigger. And that's also what moms care about, that you're feeling good, that I was awakening from my zombie self. So that was one huge benefit. And I think you also asked more about the challenges of integrating that very strong experiences. And I agree that, especially in the beginning, when you start drinking ayahuasca, there's feels like, okay, there's this world of ayahuasca and then there's this world of emails. And of course, something of this ayahuasca world is trying to show me about my day -to -day world, but what is it? And they seem to be so far apart, but by then connecting more and more with yourself, these worlds come together. And I feel like you can live a more authentic, intuitive life through that. Yeah. Now tell me, who do you think ayahuasca is for? Who do you think can really benefit from ayahuasca? Is there a specific type of people? You had mentioned earlier the American dream versus the Germany dream, right? The entrepreneurship versus the stability of employees. What do you have to say about that? I think it's interesting that I also talked with a title about that. The title says, ayahuasca is a medicine for humanity. And anybody that is feeling called to drink ayahuasca, it's a medicine for them. And also, if you look at ayahuasca a little bit from a marketing standpoint, it can be a bit challenging because it can help with so many different issues that people are facing. There's so many different target audiences. And in marketing, it's so much about finding that one target audience with their one niche problem and providing that solution for them. Whereas if you say like, oh, I have 10 target audiences who have 20 different problems and I have this one solution, you start to become not credible. So I think there's a challenge from that from a marketing standpoint. But from a human to human level, I think ayahuasca is incredible. I think anybody who is really searching can benefit from ayahuasca. People who really want to work on themselves, who want to take responsibility for their life, but for whatever reason, they sense a certain blockage that they cannot move past their habitual ways of being and cannot experience a level of happiness, success, peace, joy, love that they want to experience in their life. Approaching ayahuasca can help them a lot.


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